Thursday, May 7, 2009

insatiable thirst

Insatiable thirst
I live with this curse
my life’s musical rendition
is never mint condition
it’s like an LP that’s scratched
and warped from the heat
so that the message is lost
and never mind the beat
the fact that you would love me
is an amazing feat

Insatiable thirst
each day it grows worse
and there’s no definition
for this mental condition
just a longing for home
never satisfied with things I own
always needing
always bleeding
you put your arms around me
and whisper that you love me


Sarah said...

Hey Chad! Thanks for your comment. I never know whether to reply on my own blog or the other persons...ha. Anyways I needed the encouragement today so I appreciate it. By the way I like this poem. I've read a few of yours actually...they are quite good!

Chad Ethridge said...

Thanks Sarah for the kind words. It is hard to know where to reply . . . especially on Facebook with the option of commenting or wall to wall or status update! Such is the nature of online conversation I suppose. I'm replying here because it will make my blog look better to have a few extra comments!