Thursday, January 4, 2007

biker chair

When I was in college I took a furniture design class. The objective was to make a small piece of furniture where the cost did not exceed a hundred bucks. The chair that I made consisted of salvaged steel and various other parts that I was able to pull from the local junk yard. The idea for the chair was to provide a seat where a biker would feel comfortable while reclining in front of the television. It should, then, feel very similar to sitting on his motorcycle. In essence, his passion for being on his bike would now extend into the home. The fuel tank would hold 2.5 gallons of the biker's favorite beverage and would be syphoned directly to the biker's mouth. The biker chair won an honorable mention in the 1999 Louisiana YAYA Chair Competition and was featured for an entire summer at the New Orleans African American Museum of Art. After that it sat in my garage until the rust and shedding of the seat cover became so great that I decided to toss it. I also had limited living quarters at the time and had to make sacrifices.