Thursday, April 5, 2012

formless and void

Like the earth I am without form
needing substance to give me shape
needing something to fill me
and sustain me beyond what I can provide.
I remain shapeless until shape is given to me
yet I conform to whatever consumes me
for I am consumer and I am consumed.
The contortions that bend me in all directions
and mold me into something recognizable
leave me sore and lifeless
and I desire to be left formless.

This is where you found me.
At the end of my striving,
at the end of my contrived methods to be
something useful,
something noticeable,
something with purpose,
you found me.
I was groaning inwardly,
tired from trying to be that which I was not intended to be.
You found me and spoke life into my body,
birthed a thousand desires into my heart
and set a new song aflame in my soul.
Now I desire to be conformed to your image alone.