Thursday, October 15, 2009

city soil

Slide between the bushes
step across the street
go on back to the place
you feel you can retreat

It’s been a long, long night
these days have taken their toil
and you’re not sure you will exist
another day on city soil

The promise was deceptive
but you anchored down
into the hope
that things would one day change

It’s just like California
and the promise of pure gold
but the smell is not the smell of gold
it’s just the city soil

It’s just the city soil
it’s hard under your feet
like the souls that walk upon it
looking for a safe retreat

So go and wave your white flag
send a flare up in the air
let them know you don’t belong here
it’s just the place in which you dwell

Monday, October 5, 2009

middle east

It has been almost ten years since I traveled to the Middle East, but many of the sites and places visited have stayed with me over the years.

A gate leading into the market area of the Old City Jerusalem.

The remains of a Roman coliseum located in Himmeh, Jordan.

The gold plated roof of the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem.

Roman ruins discovered in Jarash, Jordan.

The agora located in Jarash. The torch in the center of the market area remained lit constantly.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

new american man

I am the new American man
Met my wife in Japan
Adopted three kids from New Zealand
And made my home in Switzerland

Well we are all Americans
And we are all international
We all come from different places
But share the same distinct lineage

Well it may be surprising
That I was born in India
I grew up Russian Orthodox
On the coast lands of South Africa

Well I’m the new American man
And my life’s far from bland
The melting pot don’t seem to melt
It just gets richer as it stands

I am the new American man
And I know where I stand
No two cars, one point five kids, pet in the yard
or boring American plan